Weddings at Grace

Grace Church is pleased to be able to offer our beautiful facilities for weddings.
See pictures below of our church sanctuary, our labyrinth, and our garden. We also have All Saints Parish Hall as a venue for receptions.


Grace Church is a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky. The Episcopal Church requires that all Episcopal priests use the Episcopal order of service for weddings (though there is room for variation), that at least one of the parties be a baptized Christian, that the parties sign a "Declaration of Intent" at least 30 days before the wedding, and that the parties to be married engage in pre-marital counseling. If either party has been married previously, the priest will have to obtain the permission of our bishop to perform the wedding, a factor that will require extra time. It is our desire that Grace Church be more than a wedding venue. All are welcome to attend our Sunday Worship services to get a better understanding of our faith and practice.

Sometimes, couples who are members of Episcopal churches in other parts of the country want to be married at Grace Church. In such cases, the clergy of Grace will happily cooperate with priests from other parishes to arrange for counseling and other logistical matters.

Priests in The Episcopal Church are authorized to officiate at weddings of same-sex parties and have an approved service for use on such occasions.

If you are interested in speaking with a clergy person about officiating at your Episcopal wedding, please contact our Rector, The Reverend Alice Nichols at or call the church office at 270-885-8757.


If you are not a member of Grace Church, or a member of another Episcopal Church, it is possible to use Grace Church for your wedding. If you do not have a home church or your home church is not suitable for a wedding for some reason, you may use Grace Church’s space and bring in your own minister, priest or judge to perform your ceremony. Clergy from Grace Church can perform your ceremony if you meet the requirements of the Episcopal Church. Otherwise, clergy from Grace will be present and may assist in the ceremony. Many people find that, even if they are not Episcopalian, the traditional words found in the Book of Common Prayer are beautiful and meaningful for any Christian wedding. We reserve the right to have input into your specific plans for a ceremony, given that we want to protect the sacred integrity of our space.

Wedding Guidelines

Capacity: Grace Church maximally seats 200 people, but is probably most comfortable at 150 or below. Our Parish Hall will easily accommodate that many people or more for receptions.

Music: Only sacred music is allowed at a marriage service in the church, but we are a little more flexible with weddings in the garden or at the labyrinth. Our organist plays for all weddings in the church, is involved in the choice of music to be used, and has a say in all music and musicians used on the church property.

Photography: Flash photography is NOT allowed anywhere in the church during the service. The only pictures that can be taken during the service must be done by a stationary photographer using a camera with a silent shutter and no flash. The two locations for the photographer are in the rear of the church behind the back pew and in the loft, when it is accessible. Camcorders, etc. must be used from the same locations and with no additional lighting.

Flowers: You may use flowers and other decorations that you may desire for weddings at the labyrinth or in the courtyard. The sanctuary of the church itself is very ornate and the use of minimal flowers is desirable.

Programs/Leaflets: We will provide programs for distribution to those attending your wedding, unless it is deemed unnecessary.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals are generally scheduled for late in the day prior to the wedding. All participants are expected to be present for the rehearsal.

Receptions: If you would like to have your reception at Grace, we can arrange for a caterer or you are welcome to choose your own, but we reserve the serving and clean-up for in-house staff.

Alcohol: The Episcopal Church has never endorsed the prohibition of the moderate, adult enjoyment of beverages containing alcohol, as long as there are other options of attractive non-alcoholic beverages, as well. We discourage the consumption of alcohol before or during the wedding or rehearsal. (Please inquire about further restrictions.)

Wedding Planners: If you have a wedding planner, please be sure that they know that they are not in charge of what goes on inside the church.


For Church Members, there is a flat fee of $600, which includes use of space, inside or outside, for wedding and/or reception, with set-up and clean-up; organist services; Altar Guild services; printed programs; and church liaison/coordinator services. There are no fees for clergy services, although contributions to the clergy-person's discretionary fund are appreciated. Additional musicians are at the expense of the wedding party.

For Non-Church Members, there is a flat fee of $2000, which includes use of space, inside or outside, for wedding and/or reception, with set-up and clean-up; services of clergy (whether officiating or not); organist services; Altar Guild services (if needed); printed programs, and church liaison services. Additional musicians are at the expense of the wedding party.

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