Stained Glass History at Grace Episcopal Church

By Jim Coursey

Biographical material on the stained glass windows provided by James B. Coursey
in collaboration with Christian County Historian William T. Turner and David Smith.

The Windows

Rose Window in church balcony, installed in 1935 and funded by subscription and a carnival
Nave – right (on Liberty Street side)

Window No. SN-1 (at the rear of the church): St Cornelius

To the Glory of God and in memory of John C. Latham 1844-1909

John C. Latham was one of Hopkinsville's most prolific philanthropists, providing money for the construction of Grace Episcopal Church, the Latham Hotel and the Confederate monument in Riverside Cemetery. He also funded the stained glass window over the altar in honor of his mother, Virginia Glass Latham.

Window No. SN-2 (Blue-Robed Angel)

To the Glory of God in memory of Dr. William Gordon Wheeler
and his wife Annie G. Auchenlack

Dr. Wheeler was a Confederate war veteran, farmer and doctor. He perhaps never practiced medicine, being more farmer than doctor. He lived at Richland (it burned down in 1926) where the Mickey Toms farm is now.

Window No. SN-3 (Purple-Robed Angel)

In Memory of Dr. James Wheeler and his wife Elizabeth Watkins Wheeler

The Wheelers built Richland, which was Italianate in style and a palatial showplace before and after the Civil War. They were the parents of Dr. William Gordon Wheeler. Dr. James Wheeler's funeral was the first held at the present Grace Episcopal Church.

Window No. SN-4 - Faith

To the Glory of God and in Memory of Emma C. Glass 1826-1916

Emma C. Ayres married John Pendleton Glass when she was 17. He came to Hopkinsville during the Civil War. Emma Caroline Glass was their daughter.

Apse/sanctuary area

Window No. SN-5 (St. Paul)

To the Glory of God and in Memory of Nat Gaither 1814-1918

Nat Gaither (a tobacconist) and Rebecca Love Gant Gaither were the parents of Dr. Joseph Gant Gaither. Dr. Gant Gaither was the first college-trained surgeon in the city of Hopkinsville, and he was a long time member of the Grace Episcopal Church vestry.

Window No. SN-6 – window over the altar

1820 Virginia Glass Latham 1906 “My Faith Looks Up To Thee”

Given by her son John C. Latham Jr. to commemorate her memory, this window was long though to have been made by Tiffany. Closer examination suggests that it may be the work of the J.R. Lamb Studios, also in New York City.

Window No. SN-7 - St. Peter

To the Glory of God and in Memory of Hunter Wood 1845-1920

Nita, Madge and Becky Wood's great-grandfather, he was reared in Appomattox County, Virginia, and was an attorney who owned the Kentucky New Era. He was among Gen. Robert E. Lee's men at the surrender at Appomattox, which ended the Civil War in 1865.

Window No. SN-8 - Virgin & Child

To the Glory of God and in Memory of our Mother, Rosalie Nelson Wood 1850-1925

Wife of Hunter Wood, Rosalie was a descendant of Colonel John Green, for which the local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter was named.

Window No. SN-9 - St. Joseph

To the Glory of God Emily Wheeler Minty 1877-1934 Henry Ingles Minty 1867-1933

Emily was the daughter of Dr. William G. Wheeler. Henry Ingles Minty came from Canada and was in the insurance business. Emily inherited Richland when her father died.

The Cloister

Cloister Window -St. Elizabeth

This colored glass window in the cloister of Grace Episcopal Church is in memory of Frances Browning Coursey and was a gift to the church from the Coursey family. The window was designed by Ivy Drechney of Portland, Tenn. The border around the window and the hopper vent inscription are of exactly the same design as all the windows inside the main church.